Apinara is a narration of authentic Thai cuisine. Taking inspiration from age-old recipes and the essence of simple ingredients, Apinara expresses a profound appreciation of culturally influenced cooking through every dish. Sensations beyond taste are elevated, pairing exotic flavours with vibrant colours and luscious aromas. Awarded 10 years consecutively as “Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurants”, the winning Nara team is proud to bring you Apinara Thai Cuisine and Bar – a timeless representation of Thai cuisine and the unique delights of Thai tradition.


Ms. Pearl Shek
Director, Apinara Hong Kong

Pearl's restaurant debut with Thai cuisine is proven to be an obvious and wise choice. Since her childhood, Pearl travelled to Thailand regularly to visit her grandfather, where every trip demanded a visit to Nara in Bangkok.

Over the years, she developed an affinity for the hospitality, the unsurpassed quality of Thai food but above all, Pearl was drawn to the charisma of Nara's founder Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana, someone she had made a personal figurehead for female empowerment. Much more than just a place to eat and drink, eating at Nara always promised uplifting experience. With the introduction of Apinara in Hong Kong, Pearl is determined to bring this unique and authentic Thai food with a side of female empowerment to the hungry minds and bellies of Hong Kong foodies.

Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana
Founder, Nara Thai Cuisine

Culinary mastermind and co-founder of Nara Thai Cuisine, Khun Yuki was born in Japan and spent her early years abroad in many countries around the world.

Whilst living abroad, her upbringing at home gave her an unusual attachment to Thai cuisine.As a consequence of living in so many countries and having absorbed the rich traditions from her family, Khun Yuki was never afraid to experiment new things. She cooks traditional and fusion Thai dishes by co-opting western ingredients, whilst many of the popular dishes found at Nara or Apinara are her own creations.

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Shop No. 205 Level 2 Pacific Place,

88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

TEL 3107 1888 | 3107 0688




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