Nara Thai Cuisine was founded in 2003 by owner Narawadee Srikarnchana (Yuki) and a group of female entrepreneurs with the aim to let diners experience Thai culture from authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant name “Nara” comes from the Sanskrit language meaning “Thai woman”. Therefore, the logo of Nara was developed under the concept depicting a traditional female accessory worn by Thai women in the olden days, which is a bracelet clasped on one arm as an item of hi-class jewellery. 


Nara opened in the basement of Erawan Bangkok in 2006 and was quickly acclaimed for its boat noodle and authentic Thai comfort dishes. Due to the great popularity of the restaurant, Nara opened its second branch in 2009 at Central World on the 7/F. Henceforth, Nara has become popular amongst locals and tourists for its authentic comfort Thai dishes.


In 2018, Nara opens its very first restaurant in Hong Kong, in order to continue its aim by bringing the most authentic Thai dining experience to the people of Hong Kong.

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Ms. Pearl Shek, Director 

Pearl's restaurant debut with Thai cuisine was an obvious choice. She travelled to Thailand regularly to visit her grandfather, where every trip would not be possible without a visit to Nara.

She developed an affinity for the hospitality and the unsurpassed quality of Thai food.But above all, Pearl was drawn to the charisma of Nara's founder Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana—someone she had made a personal figurehead for female empowerment.Much more than just a place to dine, a meal at Nara always promised an uplifting experience. Apart from Apinara’s debut in Admiralty in 2016, Nara also debuted in New Town Plaza, Shatin. She hopes to take this opportunity to perpetuate the important value of family ties that Yuki strongly believes in, and that guests with families will appreciate the brand’s positive concept.

Narawadee (Yuki) Srikarnchana
Founder, Nara Thai Cuisine 

Culinary mastermind and co-founder of Nara Thai Cuisine, Yuki was born in Japan and spent her early years abroad in many countries around the world.

Whilst living abroad, her upbringing at home gave her an unusual attachment to Thai cuisine.As a consequence of living in so many countries and having absorbed the rich traditions from her family, Yuki was never afraid to experiment new things. She cooks traditional and fusion Thai dishes by co-opting western ingredients, whilst many of the popular dishes found at Nara is her own creations.


Shop 507, L5, New Town Plaza

18 Sha Tin Centre Street, Sha Tin

T 3188 1138

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